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BREAKING NEWS: Indianapolis IN, Evelyn Magley of The Basketball League announces the newest team to join TBL, the Lewisville Yellow Jackets, in Lewisville TX.

The Yellow Jackets are the 4th new market to be added by the 3rd year league in the offseason, joining the Tri-State Admirals, Columbus Condors and Dallas Skyline. The Yellow Jackets are owned and operated by Creating Young Minds. “We are excited to expand to include a Professional Basketball Team with TBL, the 3rd professional basketball league in the US. We are replicating the European model of training, developing and preparing young athletes into Professional Athletes with the combination of our CYM Academy and Lewisville Yellow Jackets. The younger players from CYM Academy will have the opportunity to play along side Professional Basketball Players on our Lewisville Yellow Jackets team in the TBL”- Dr Ackerman

“This nonprofit model is a perfect fit for developing young players by emphasizing the importance of education while building the character & life skills of each player. It mirrors the Jackals who stress the importance of integrity as an integral part of player development. Adding the player development piece of a Prep-School, is truly unique to any other professional initiative in the USA” - Evelyn Magley CEO TBL


A great way to keep up to date on everything Creating Young Minds, including upcoming showcases for high school, and JUCO players is through Twitter or Instagram. The schedule of upcoming events can also be found on the Schedule page.


CYM Academy is a year-round basketball program with an emphasis on education, character, and responsibility




Our first priority at CYM is the academic success of each athlete. Winfree Academy Charter School, Lewisville Campus, is where high school players attend school. Winfree is a Texas Accredited School. All student-athletes are required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while in the program.



 At CYM we work with each young man to help them build their character with personal growth off the court and on the court. We try to teach the young men what it means to have “good character.” We strive to help the athletes to grow into better men in addition to student-athletes.



 The young men are taught how to be responsible for the care of where they live, learning to cook their own food, wash their own clothes, clean up after themselves on a regular basis, etc. Also taking care of their athletic success in holding themselves accountable for working hard.

Annual Showcases


CYM Academy hosts showcases where basketball players display their talent in front of college coaches of all levels. From the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Prep Showcase to the Round Ball Prep Showcase, this is how you get coaches from the next level to see you play.


Highlight Videos


CYM Affiliates

These are a few of the people and companies that support Creating Young Minds Academy & Lewisville Yellow Jackets.


CRYO Coppell

CYM has partnered with CRYO Coppell to help our athletes recover quicker and take care of their bodies. Physical health is important for an athlete; on top of an intense weight program, Creating Young Minds helps its athletes learn to take care of their body. CRYO Coppell plays an important role of the athletes’ recovery program.