"Creating Young Minds Academy changed my life in more ways than I can explain. It helped me transition from being a boy who solely depended on his parents to a man who for the most part can sustain himself. CYM taught me the discipline I needed to go to college, play basketball, and last all four years. I can never thank Coach Matt, Ms. Shira, Coach Charlie, and Coach Brooks enough for all their sacrifices. I love my CYM Family!"

"You saw the potential in me, and used that to measure how hard to push me in training. That was to the max! End result was successful. Not only did it help me develop my abilities physically, but also mentally. You've helped me realize that hard work can do a lot more than talent itself."

"CYM was hard to get used to, but easy once I did. Now living at college is a piece of cake, while others struggle with food, grades and laundry, I feel like I'm relaxing while out doing everybody."

Mrdjan Gasevic
Delaware State University
2017 Graduate

"During the period I was a member of CYM I learned how to be more responsible and I grew up. I learned a lot about team work, to help others, be a better person and also got better in basketball. The spirit which is around that team and Coach Mathis and his wife Shira helped me a lot. I don't have nothing to say but thank you and I will owe you guys for the rest of my life."

Ashley Brooks
Paul Quinn College
Class of 2018
6'2  200lb F

Magna Cum Laude Graduate

International Student of the Year

Employed as a Financial Analyst for Specified Air Solutions

Dean's List Recipient 2015

Austin Weiher
Southern Illinois University
Class of 2018
6'8  210lb F

Anthony Batchelor
Assistant Coach Durham College (Canada)

Durham College G 2004-2009
OCAA's All-Time Points Leader
​Jersey #32 Retirement November, 2014

"What I received from being a part of the Creating Young Minds Academy was confidence. As a player and as a person. I learned through my work on the court how to better show confidence in myself and others while striving to do my best. In addition and related to the confidence I cultivated as part of the program, I learned that hard work precedes and strengthens confidence. I now know when I worked my hardest to be my best, I have complete confidence I can accomplish my goals."

Anthony Brown
Univ of the Southwest
Class of 2018
6'5 240lb F

"For me, CYM was more than just a place where I can play basketball. It was a family that inspired me to be the best I can be in the classroom, basketball court, and in life. CYM has taught me many life lessons that have made me who I am today. Everyday I pray for CYM and everybody behind it because I wouldn't be where I am now if it wasn't for this program."


Creating Young Minds
Irving, Texas, 75063
United States

Vice President's Honor Roll Spring 2017

President's Honor Roll Spring 2016
Dean's List recipient Fall 2015

Kyle Brown

Cornell University 
Class of 2018
6'3 175lb G