Creating Young Minds
Lewisville, Texas, 75063
United States

About Us

Board of Directors

Creating Young Minds is governed by a group of individuals dedicated to achieving our vision and mission. Each member volunteers their time, resources and expertise to support our work.  

Mathis Crowder, President & Director of Player Development
Dr. Shira Ackerman, Executive Director & Secretary
Charley Brown, Fundraising Director

Our Mission​

We focus on teaching young men about the importance of education, hard work and being humble in all aspects of life.

Our Vision

The young men living in our communities will gain a broader appreciation for self and others, education, and athletics through basketball, school, support and guidance.

It takes a village to raise a child​ 
As you will see, this program is not about one person; it is about us coming together as a community to help young men become something great.  
We do this because we were called to do this. 
We want to thank all the individuals who continue to give their time and hearts to the program. 

Creating Young Minds is a 501 (c)(3) Non-Profit organization located in Lewisville, Texas. Creating Young Minds awards partial scholarships based on Character and Education for attendance at Creating Young Minds Academy, which includes a Prep basketball team and an AAU basketball team under the same name – CYM. Creating Young Minds Academy is a year-round basketball program with an emphasis on Education, Character, and Responsibility. 

Creating Young Minds was created to help young men achieve success in life that otherwise would be unavailable to them. We focus on teaching, grooming, and developing young athletes into young men. The objective is to teach these young men how to have a purpose in life, how to humble themselves, work hard, and have good character. The first priority is the academic success of each athlete, the second priority is the development of self, and the third priority is the basketball skill development. Our desired result is for the young men to become responsible, educated, successful adults fully willing and capable of helping many others. We have found that basketball is a very productive tool for reaching young men and teaching them these principles. If Athletes and/or Families fail to follow the guidelines and structure of the program, the athlete will be removed from the program at the discretion of the program directors.

​All student-athletes are required to maintain at least a 3.0 GPA while in the program. 

Winfree Academy Charter School, Irving Campus, is the current home for high school players. Winfree is a Texas Accredited School.

Excel English Institute, located in Richardson, is the current home for International players. Excel is an SEVP-certified school.